Blending food and money: an odd yet effective fitness game

I've always been pretty good at budgeting, but I'm not as diligent when it comes to food. Sometimes when I have a busy week, I'll skip lunch and make up for it with an unhealthy dinner.

I wanted to find a "brain hack" that would make managing calories feel more like managing a portfolio. In both cases, the key to success is putting a reasonable cap on consumption and sticking to it.

What if I treated calories like a currency and my recommended daily intake as a deposit? This idea evolved into a little side project that I call FitBank:

Every day I receive a "deposit" in the amount of my recommended calorie intake. I added animations because I wanted the experience of claiming a deposit to feel fun and exciting.

After I receive a deposit, I can spend my calories by logging meals and snacks just like in any other fitness app:

One unique thing about FitBank is that my calorie balance can be negative. This means that if I overeat 200 calories on Monday, I'll automatically have a deficit of 200 calories on Tuesday. I designed it this way so that my calorie intake averages out over time.

I prepare for "cheat days" by putting calories into a Savings account. (Please excuse the shoddy-looking native prompt; FitBank is a work in progress.)

When it's time for a cheat day, I cash out my savings:

There's an achievement system that rewards me for reaching certain milestones. I plan to add more achievements. For example, there should be a star for keeping calories in Savings for 1 or 2 weeks:

In case I want to update my daily calorie limit or reset the app, I added a small Settings menu:

Some things I'd like to add in the future:

  • Extra achievements
  • The ability to buy and sell stocks using calories as a currency

I'm not sure if anyone else will want to use FitBank because it's such a weird concept, but I've had a lot of fun revising prototypes as I use it to manage my own calorie intake.