I turned my house into a video game loading screen

Some of the tips in video game loading screens are relevant to everyday life. I made a few posters to share the wisdom with my house guests...

"Become friends with someone and they may allow you to take certain items from their home." - Skyrim

"The Speech skill is used to get better prices from merchants." - Skyrim

"Crouching will both improve your accuracy, and activate sneak mode." - Fallout 4

"You can hide in closets and dumpsters. However, the max. number of occupants is two." - Hitman

"You can grow your beard in the upgrade menu." - Mad Max

"Once you discover a location, you can use your map to travel back to it. Normally, you must be outside to do so." - Fallout 4

If you're disappointed with the artistic quality of these posters, don't worry. This is just the initial launch. You can purchase DLC with better graphics.