The Torch Experiment

Torch is a social experiment for spending quality time with friends and family.

Eventually I'd like to turn the concept into this app. For now I'm using a physical prototype to fine-tune the logistics. (I simply superglued a digital timer to a fake torch I bought on Amazon.)

How it works

  1. A friend passes you the Torch, a toy statue with a timer superglued to it. From this moment, you have 14 days to hang out with the friend who gave you the Torch and at least 1 other friend.
  2. To get started, join the Torch community. Go to our Google Group and click Apply for membership. You'll use this group to share pictures and ask for help if any questions pop up.
  3. Go have fun, and take a picture to document your outing! It can be a restaurant, bowling, a drink, skydiving — anything that resonates with your group. Remember you have 14 days!
  4. Email the pic to with a subject of "[Your name] - [Time left on Torch]". Optionally, describe your social event.
  5. Reset the Torch's digital timer to 14d by fiddling with the buttons on the back. Pass it to one of the friends who participated in your outing, and direct them to this page for instructions. Try to avoid passing the torch back to the person who gave it to you; pick someone new.

That's all! Good luck keeping the flame burning!

Cody Romano

Cody Romano

Software engineer @Airbnb. Formerly @Amazon. This is my personal site for side projects and ramblings.

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